Setting up
Thu 13 Dec 12:00-20:00
Fri 14 Dec 9:00-12:00

Opening hours
Fri 14 Dec 13:00-18:00
Sat 15 Dec 10:00-18:00
Sun 16 Dec 10:00-17:00

Packing up
Sun 17:00-23:59

Documents for merchants
All registered merchants will get their package from the information desk at Tallinn Song Festival
Grounds on 13 December from 13:00-18:00 or 14 December from 9:00-12:00.

Information about inventory & electricity demand
Please make sure that the inventory you ordered is shown on the invoice. If your order does not
match the invoice, please contact us at or on +372 5823 3239. If you have
decided on the details of the display you will have at the Christmas market and it turns out that you
will need more electricity or inventory (chairs and tables), you can let us know about your last-minute
wishes until 10 December by e-mailing Opportunities for renting inventory on the
spot are limited.

Power consumption
You may only use a kettle or other appliances that consume a lot of electricity at the Christmas
market by prior agreement. There was a field to mark your electricity requirements on the registration
form and we will calculate your power consumption based on that information. If you exceed the limit,
we may cut off your electricity.

About traffic control at Tallinn’s Christmas Market 2017
Please respect others while in traffic and follow the guidelines below. Together we can put on a top-
quality event for all visitors and merchants.
The merchants will have two separate parking areas at the Song Festival Grounds. You’ will find your
parking permit and the symbol of the parking area assigned to you in your envelope. Your parking
permit must be placed on the windshield so as to be easily visible. P1 means you have to enter from
the Tiigi gate, P2 from the Oru gate. The parking permit gives you the right to enter and park at the
Song Festival Grounds. Vehicles without parking permits will be removed, where necessary. One
merchant will receive one parking place. Any other vehicles of the merchant must be parked
according to the traffic rules.

 You cannot enter the merchant’s parking areas during the event without a parking permit.
 Access to the Song Festival Grounds will be limited during preparations for the event. You
should above all follow the traffic code and good practice.
 During the preparation period you can only stop near the door to load goods and once you
have done loading your vehicle needs to be immediately taken to the parking area. Any
vehicles parked in the forbidden area will be removed.
 The number on the parking permit indicates the parking area where the merchant has the
right to park during the event. Follow the traffic signs!
 The organiser has the right to invalidate the merchant’s parking permit for a serious
infringement. If your parking permit is invalidated, you will no longer be allowed to access the
parking area.
 As there will be a lot of people walking around the Song Festival Grounds during the event,
pedestrians always have right of way. The parking permits of vehicles that make dangerous
manoeuvres will be invalidated.
 Due to safety reasons it is not acceptable for any vehicles to park in the pedestrian zone.
These vehicles will be removed, and this usually leads to unpleasant surprises and costs in
terms of both time and material damage.