The Christmas festival takes place in T1 Mall of Tallinn!

Opening hours

Saturday 14 December from 10:00-18:00
Sunday 15 December from 10:00-17:00


The entrance is free for everybody, no ticket needed!



Parking is free! Be kind to park in the parkinghouse behind T1 Mall of Tallinn, there is a warm underground parking also available, there is also parking possibilities in the outdoor parking space. Please obey the parking rules.


Public transport

You can even take a plane. Seriously. T1 is located at a crossing of Tallinn’s transport arteries, with access by tram, bus or train. The airport is a stone’s throw from us.

Many of Tallinn’s city Transport lines run to T1 Mall of Tallinn .

You can take the train from Tartu or Balti jaam or Narva, the stop is called “Ülemiste”

Bus Stop Kivimurru – here arrives buses  7 / 12 / 13 / 54

Bus Stop to “Ülemiste Jaam”- here arrive buses – 15 / 45 / 49 / 65

Take the tram nr 4 to arrive at stop called “Ülemiste Jaam”

You can check the bus or tram timetable at

You can check the Train timetable at

You can check the Plane timetable at